About Us

The Story of Two Sisters

About Amanda:

11182114_10104975472525108_6654957015043458160_nI have a love of food, entertaining and travel. I work at a marketing company in the Midwest. God has not yet blessed me with a family, so, being single gives me a lot of freedom and time to glorify him!

Food is on my mind approximately 98% of the time and I cannot wait until my next delicious meal. I started to experiment with cooking upon moving out of my parents’ house after college graduation. Annie’s Eats has been a foodie inspiration as well as my family who always cooked together on Sundays while growing up. My advice for new cooks is “You win some, you lose some.” While I now have a pretty good handle on what will and will not turn out to be a good meal, there were many occasions where dinner went in the trash and I ate a smoothie or frozen pizza.

I am quite certain that for the entire first year that I was cooking on my own, I only knew how to make heavy pasta dishes. With time comes bravery. Now I’ll eat just about anything. Kale. Snails. Caterpillars. You name it. Most of these dietary changes happened in the last year when I was a host mom to a lovely exchange student. Upon her arrival, she informed me that her diet is a Vegan/Pescatarian. <Insert shock and awe>; I am so thankful for this experience because it has opened up so many other culinary possibilities that I would not have otherwise considered. Vegan CAN be delicious, I tell you.

That being said, I have a serious sweet tooth and love for variety in food. This blog will give you a little of everything. Life is about balance, right?

I hope that through this healthy cooking blog you are inspired to try new and “scary” things, venture to get off the couch and exercise or travel, and are shown ways to live a balanced life.

About Melissa

MelissaDoubleDutchI am Melissa. (Amanda thinks I’m cavewoman. [Which makes sense since I’m currently eating paleo]) I grew up in the Midwest where I was a member of a family who did not maintain a healthy diet (basically like every single family in the Midwest). Eating a breakfast of Pop-Tarts, Mac and Cheese for lunch and canned beans with frozen chicken kiev and rice-a-roni for dinner was the norm. Don’t get me totally wrong, we enjoyed an abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer months from my Dad’s garden. This is the reason I was not entirely adverse to veggies later in life.

In addition to lack of healthy eating, I can say my desire to do anything remotely active after hitting puberty was nonexistent. Once I went off to college I ate ice cream, muffins, pizza or carbalicious pasta (Ramen was 10 cents, people!) every day. Time was spent studying on my toosh; my choices began to take a toll on my body. I was having heart palpitations, indigestion, anxiety, shortness of breath and other symptoms that a young twenty-something year old girl should not have. Doctors were unable to find anything wrong. I continued suffering like this for several years after moving to the East Coast and taking a job at a bank. I got into skiing which did show some improvement, but not enough to make a significant difference.

My cousin had recently become a certified personal trainer, so I reached out to him and he helped start me along the path of healthy eating and fitness. I began learning about different grains, raw foods, and how to train myself from being totally out of shape (picture not able to run 5 steps without becoming out of breath) to running for 45 min straight. I had bad posture and could not do a single push-up. It was a long and hard journey, but one that changed my life. I no longer suffer from any of the above mentioned symptoms and feel great and love challenging my body to new and exciting adventures.

I am here to share bits of the knowledge I’ve gained as I’ve walked down this road and hopefully inspire our readers to venture down their own path to health and fitness.


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